rouge park

Marisol & Fabio - Smoke and Amors by Saharsh Cherian

Here was a first for me and the couple alike. When the soon to be married Marisol & Fabio came to me with the idea of incorporating colourful smoke bombs into their engagement shoot, I was all over it. This was going to be fun.

We made our way to a remote part of Rouge Park on one of the unfortunately warmer days of the summer. The lovely couple were a pair of troopers though, and Marisol was trudging through wild brush in her heels without blinking an eye to get the shot.

The happy couple were amazing throughout the shoot, and Fabio may have taken a minute to get into it but by gum did he get into it, making Marisol and myself laugh throughout making for some wonderful candid shots.

The colours of the park, the smoke bombs, her hair, and his....i don't know...eyes(?) made for a lovely day and some great images.

Also, did you know that smoke bombs smell like a thousand burning matches? I do, now.

Worth it!